About Us

The Executive Council of Abu Dhabi Emirate issued a Decree approving the establishment of ‘Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Center” on 2nd February 2010. Abu Dhabi EHS Center aims to:

  • – Oversee and monitor the implementation Abu Dhabi Emirate Environment, Health and Safety Management System.
  • – Manage occupational Health and Safety Issues. – Provide and maintain a complete regulatory framework at Emirate level. – Drive integration of EHS Requirements within different sectors.
  • – Support the development of EHS capacity within the Emirate.
  • – Implement various projects related to the system.

Responsibilities of the Center:

• Following up the implementation of AD EHSMS and monitoring through inspection and auditing, if required.

• Overseeing all issues related to occupational health and safety.

• Coordination and cooperation with all sectors, government entities and semi government entities on issues relate to EHSMS.

• Review and approval of Sectors, Government Entities, and Semi Government Entities EHSMS according to AD EHSMS requirements.

• Set the necessary plans to update AD EHSMS for continual improvement.

• Report to the Executive Council on EHSMS performance.

• Develop and implement awareness programs and incentives to promote system implementation.

Major Activities:

Support System Development and Implementation:

• Provide a guidance document on development of EHSMS.

• Provide a guidance document on EHS organizational structures in entities.

• Provide a detailed gap analysis on submitted systems and granting final approval when the system meets requirements.

Raising Capacities and Awareness

• Provide training on EHSMS for Government Entities to facilitate system development and implementation.

• Participation in workshops organized by sectors to raise awareness in AD EHSMS requirements.

• Qualifying training institutes to provide training for EHS professionals and auditors on AD EHSMS after certification of AD EHSMS Training modules by an international body.

• Qualifying EHS officers in the Emirate to ensure compliance with system requirements.

• Issuance of a quarterly newsletter on EHS issues.

• Launch a three phase awareness campaign during 2010-2011 and set specific awareness programs at later stages.

Registration of EHS Consultants:

• Setting new criteria for registration of EHS consultants in coordination with EAD and implementing it in July 2010. This will ensure quality in performance of EHS Consultants.

• Registration of Auditors

• Setting criteria to register EHS auditors, since annual third party auditing is a requirement of the system.

EHS Electronic Database

• Establishment of an EHS database that will link the Center with all sectors and government entities to provide a complete database source on EHS incidents and EHSMS performance.


• Preparation for an international EHS conference in Abu Dhabi every two years with the participation of several international organizations having best practices in the EHS field.

• Participation in regional and international conferences to exchange information.

International Cooperation:

• Coordination with international organizations for cooperation in relevant fields and exchange of experiences, this includes Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) and others.


• Establishment of an EHS Award as an incentive to all entities for the purpose of encouraging continuous improvement in system implementation.