Lotus flowers are among the most visible tokens in Eastern countries. In Buddhism and Hinduism, they are regarded as probably the most sacred flower. Hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt demonstrate this delicate flower alongside pharaohs and priests. Statues of Buddhist monks frequently feature a lotus flower. Indian people and vietnamese typically relate the flower with goddesses and gods.

What’s it regarding the lotus flower which has pushed ?

it into legends for hundreds of years? Beyond the beauty of its, it’s the unknown which enshrouds the flower. The issue surrounds its survival.

To know, we should first examine the specifics on the lotus flower. We will delve to its history, symbolic meaning, and properties.

A purpose for a lot of the mystery surrounding lotus blossoms is they’re living fossils. Their existence stretches back any 145.5 million years. Lotus flowers actually made it through the Ice Age (1.8 zillion – 10,000 decades ago). The Ice Age was a period of great geological plus ecological change. Almost all plant life in the northern hemisphere started to be spoiled during this era.

This hardy flower:

in addition expands organically from Russian federation to Australia, China to Iran. It seems they can endure the extremes of every climate.

These specifics have contributed to lotus symbolism in deep religions and cultures throughout time. Nevertheless, their contribution is small compared to just how the lotus flowers develop.


The durability on the lotus flower is a significant contributor to its connection with the gods. Nevertheless, they’ll die, and occasionally do in disasters. The catastrophic flooding on the Yangtze River in 1954 killed all of the lotuses in the region. 3 years down the line, the water had at last receded.

Once typical water quantities returned, the flowers started growing once again in the short portion of the lake. The floods tore the root system of theirs, though their seeds survived. The seeds spread all over the lake, rejuvenating its abundance of lotus flowers. Surprisingly, even if lotuses had not returned, they might grow back centuries later. The seeds of theirs are able to endure for a huge number of years with no drinking water.

Lotus flowers show up very prominently :

in wetlands and often develop in mud. Though they’re additionally really adaptive to their neighborhood environments. They could endure under ice so long as their origins stay in mud or water. On another extreme, they are able to withstand scorching sun and also usually bloom when others cannot allow the heat. They love clay loams, although they are able to endure in various soil types across a wide variety of areas.

Lotus blossoms may also be recognized to be reluctant to pollution:

and may also clean the water they develop in. In any other words, they do not mind a dirty or acidic environment. Each night they submerge interested in murky river h2o. Every morning they rebloom with no residue from the environment of theirs.

Lotus floral symbolism in legends and religions originates from the above, and also it is straightforward why. They’ve unparalleled ability and resilience to endure. But is that many the lotus represents?


red lotus flower The lotus possesses a distinctive daily life cycle of daily life, rebirth, and death. This has resulted in the phrase, “lotus floral of life”. That’s the reason it’s meaning is usually “rebirth”, and also why the flower is often linked with spirituality.

The white-colored lotus grow is a sign for purity, beauty, and grace. It is able to also imply majesty, knowledge, serenity, wealth, fertility, and belief within ourselves. A yellowish lotus meaning means religious ascension. A Pink lotus represents the heart of Buddha. A white lotus symbolizes compassion and love.

As you are able to visualize, a flower with these religious symbolism has uses that are many, moreover not only in statues and legends.


Due to the symbolism of its, the lotus floral has a wide variety of uses. In reality, the lotus flower is a very common sight across numerous Eastern countries. It is used in food, art, medicine, plus a lot more.

The most popular use for just a lotus is ornamental:

Nevertheless, the origins are fragrant and sweet and full of vitamins and starch. You are able to consume them raw, prepared into sauces, brewed into teas, combined into salads, preserved, dried, as well as powdered. Other areas of the lotus plant are edible.

Petals of the lotus are usually utilized to produce flavors that are unique for congee and meat (an oriental rice porridge). The lotus leaves as well as nuts are usually utilized for dieting and blood pressure levels tea, along with other medications.

Flotus : nuts, petals, and seeds include:

Cosmetics Eco friendly packaging material
Raw substance for textiles With just about all the uses of its, the lotus is not seen way too often in the western world, but which does not mean you cannot develop it.


There are roughly 300 root lotuses, about fifty see lotuses, and aproximatelly 1,000 flower lotuses. With which in mind, there are lots of kinds of lotus blossoms you are able to develop in the own garden of yours. They’re perfect for wetland areas, and also thrive superior in locations with a large amount of sunshine. Lotuses also like much more tropical weather conditions. Several varieties are hardier & tolerate northern environments very well.

To streamline, we sort lotus blossoms by the patterns of theirs. Categories include very few petals, heavy petal, double petal, semi-double petal, along with numerous petal. They are likewise organized by color: yellow, white, red, and yellow.

The best way to GROW A LOTUS PLANT

light pink lotus As you have read through, lotus blossoms are extremely resilient. They are going to grow in nearly all soils and in many locations, so very long as they’ve water or mud, plus as long as they are able to float. In reality, they have little air areas in their leaves to make sure buoyancy, along with longer stems to connect them with the mud.